The Firearms Business and Firearms Training is the passion of every one of? the members of the IFC organization. There is little in either of these areas? that we can’t address efficiently and effectively. To bring focus to the mind of? the potential customer, we will list the primary categories that we work in.

Business Development

A critical? aspect of being in the firearms business is Organization, Management and Growth? of the business. Our Management Team will work with your business as a partner? to analyze, develop long term and short term strategies, and implement those? strategies to maximize growth and profitability. We provide leadership training,? executive coaching, selection of information systems, methods of lean? manufacturing, and customer management procedures as needed to accelerate the? growth of your company by using the many time proven 7 Keys to Business Growth.

We use our broad base of contacts in the manufacturing world to connect? businesses that need parts, processes, or partnerships to move forward in? bringing products to the market place in a cost effective manner.

Our research and development skills take new ideas in partnership with? manufacturing firms and prove them as viable options for the market or as not? cost effective for the current market. This is done through market analysis and? practical application in the areas relevant to the use of the product.

Our expertise in conducting test protocols for product performance and? acceptance necessary for the award of government contracts is unchallenged. We? are the industry leaders when it comes to pre-production testing of materials? and firearms to ensure their readiness for the market.

We are the experts in Product Demonstrations, Trade Show Presentations and? Manufacturers Sales support in bringing a new product to the market by gaining? consumer acceptance and enthusiasm as well as perception of value. We do this by? integrating and capitalizing on the buyers senses of sight and touch flavored? with intellect and emotion. This initial contact provides knowledge and? confidence in minimal time therefore creating a favorable buying atmosphere for? the customer without an overload of information.

Training and Education

We are? the world’s leaders in achieving the desired performance from our students in a? minimum amount of time through using the principle of Safety plus Simplicity? equals Success. Our understanding of how the eyes, brain and limbs work together? in shot delivery and our ability to convey that information to our students in? lay man’s term is unsurpassable.

We coined the phrase, ”Simple Is Good” with respect to firearms training. This came from our studies in adult learning? where it became obvious that learning is best done in steps of two or three? relevant learning points which is consistent with how most of us learn in our? day to day lives.
We originated Objective Based Training that focuses on? the specific areas of learning necessary to achieve success rather than? confusing the student with unnecessary information that is prevalent in Doctrine? Based Training.

We use Analogous Training Techniques, that uses? previously developed skills in another sports or disciplines that carry over? into firearms training to accelerate the achievable performance of the? student.

We teach all types of firearms (Pistol, Revolver, Carbine,? Shotgun, Scoped Rifle and Machine Guns) at five different levels (Foundational,? Intermediate, Advanced, Instructor and? non-firing Maintenance and? Handling) for groups or individuals either as Armed Professionals or Responsible? Citizens.
We offer firearms classes that focus on Personal Defense,? Combat Skill Development, Hunting, Competitive Shooting and Sport Shooting.

We have a Women’s Only Program that is taught by Women, for Women, with a? variety of firearms types at a variety of skill levels.

All classes can? be taught in small groups (1-4) as tutorials to maximize student / instructor? interaction.

Certified Concealed Carry Classes for Utah, Massachusetts,? and states requiring the NRA Basic Pistol Class as a prerequisite are taught? monthly.

Our non-firearms classes begin with the world renowned?? MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behavior) course designed for business offices,? emergency rooms, and other public places where emotional and sometimes violent? behavior takes place.

We have a progression of classes that begin at Situational Awareness of your? environment, Internationally and Domestically and culminate in learning to fight? with Improvised and Edged Weapons when no guns are available.

Shooting Range Development and Management

Our Range Development Group can advise, design and build indoor and/or? outdoor ranges that will accommodate the needs of the client with respect to the? environment, zoning and regulatory agencies. We are the leaders in range design? for non-toxic, frangible applications.
Live Fire Shoot Houses, Bullet? Traps, Electronic Interactive Systems and Portable Target arrangements all fall? within the scope and implementation of our group. We can create a management? plan for a range facility that will show turn key costs versus revenue, in? equipment, administration and personnel to ensure profitability.

Administration and Advice

We provide the following services in? addition to our previously listed offerings:

  • Legal Assistance from Attorneys with a Firearms Background
  • Expert Testimony in Legal Proceedings
  • Appraisal and Disposition of Firearms Collections
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Law Enforcement, Military or Civilian Training Programs
  • Home and Business Security Evaluations
  • Professional consultation and advise referencing firearms, ammunition or associated products