George Harris – President &? CEO

George Harris has spent? his entire adult life working in the world of firearms. For over 30 years he has? been a successful and motivational educator and trainer in all aspects of small? arms. His simplistic approach to firearms training has an unarguable track? record in extracting performance from his students of Marksmanship, Tactics and? Maintenance.

As a business developer in the firearms field, George? co-founded the world renowned SIG Sauer Academy and lead it to become a profit? center before retiring after twenty one years of service.

George has the? enviable record of leading industry test programs for multiple government and? military agencies achieving successful results and contracts for firearms 100%? of the time.
Many of his innovations and ideas in firearms design? features have evolved to production firearms improving function, ergonomics and? aesthetics.

George has served as the subject matter expert involving? firearms and related matters on television, radio and in legal proceedings.

Among his personal accomplishments, George earned the coveted U.S. Army? Distinguished badges for both Service Pistol and Service Rifle. He also Coached? and was a firing team member of the World Champion U.S. Army Reserve? International Combat Team before retiring with 40 years of continuous Military? Service.


Linda Harris – Instructor/Trainer/Coordinator????????

Linda Harris began her career with firearms? as a big game hunter and competitive shooter over 30 years ago. She has? successfully harvested game animals with a revolver, and a bow in the U.S. and? with a rifle abroad. Her competitive shooting career culminated as an? International classed handgun shooter and hi-power rifle shooter.

She? earned her first Instructor certification as a Hunter Education Instructor in? 1983 followed by certification as a Bow Hunter Education Instructor. In 1989 she? was certified as a NRA Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Home Firearms Responsibility? and followed that in 1990 becoming certified as a NRA Class “C” Coach. In 1991,? after earning her Criminal Justice Degree and becoming a licensed private? investigator she completed the prestigious NRA Law Enforcement Firearms? Instructor School.

Linda became an advocate for Women’s Sexual Assault? services in 1996 and involved in promoting Women and Families in Shooting? Sports. In 2006 Linda was asked to take the lead position for Women’s only? training at the Internationally recognized Sigarms Academy where she taught? Women’s as well as mixed gender classes in the U.S. and abroad. She has since? become a Becoming and Outdoors Woman Instructor, a Massachusetts and Utah? Concealed Carry Instructor as well as an Instructor for MOAB International,? teaching the Management of unwanted Aggressive Behavior in the work place and in? public or social activities.

Linda is currently an Instructor/Trainer? for International Firearms Consultants and coordinator for Women’s only and? family programs.


Terry R. White II – General? Counsel & Chief Legal Instructor

Terry R. White II was born and raised in Orange County, Virginia. He attended? Orange County High School where he set numerous state and national records in? swimming. Mr. White has over 7 years of law enforcement experience, being a? graduate of the U.S Border Patrol Academy and having served as a police officer? in Brentwood, New Hampshire and a deputy sheriff in Orange County, Virginia.

In 2001, Mr. White graduated from Granite State College with a Bachelor of? Arts degree in Criminal Justice. He attended Florida Coastal School of Law and? was awarded a Juris Doctor degree in 2003. While in law school, he served as the? managing editor of the Florida Coastal Law Journal, an associate justice and? prosecutor for the Honor Court and as co-founder and president of the Second? Amendment Society. While in law school, Mr. White interned at the State? Attorney’s Office in St. Augustine Florida and in the chambers of The Honorable? Thomas Morris, U.S. District Court Magistrate.

Mr. White is a member in good standing of the New Hampshire Bar (admitted? 2006) and the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire (admitted? 2006). His professional memberships include the New Hampshire Bar Association? and the American Bar Association. He is also the current Director of Online? Operations, Security & Compliance with Turbine, a Warner Bros.? Company.